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Filip von Polen
F • v • P
Renata Matos
Nicolas Paries
Nicolas Paries
Sasha Mashin
Sasha Mashin
Never-Not Working
Never-Not Co.
Max Morev
Dmitry Uvarov
Forma Issue 03
Forma Collective
One Year Celebration
Forage Press
Iconista Creative Network
Origins of Common UI Symbols
Shuffle Magazine
Bodegas Tradición
Hot Rum Cow Magazine
Issue 26
tribe media arts
Family Business Magazine June issue
Family Business Magazine
FPD01 Pretty in Black
Forage Press
MILANTRACE / Edizione 2014. Milan Design Week Review.
Flow no.1
Anton Herasymenko
Dieter Rams: Ten Principles For Good Design
Shuffle Magazine
Ibiza Club News Magazine - Issue 013 - Dyro
Ibiza Club News
Alex Cretey Systermans
New York - Photo Guide.
Anton Repponen
Helsinki 16
Vika VI
Rome 2013
Svetlana Narinskaya
Lasse Kusk
One Month Off - INDONESIA
Anton Repponen
Moeka Djakarta
Moeka Djakarta
Norvegia – a mystic journey
Johannes Heuckeroth
I Ride a Bike
Kirill Danchenko
Enlighten the Unpredictable
Anrick Bregman
CIRCADUEMILA REPORTAGE / Trieste – Istanbul by bike
Claudio Chiangone
Harry Garcia
Harry Garcia
Pavel Proshin
Interior Mood
Ivan Pandikidis
Portfolio >< André Fernandes
Renata Matos
Каспер Портфолио
Visual Artist
Fábio Cristo
Les’ Somnia
Lesia Paramonova
History Of Olympic Logos
Shuffle Magazine
Bommer Project
8 Design Masterpieces From Everyday Life
Shuffle Magazine
Encorpada Project
Natural history
The Calvert Journal
Creative Mornings Moscow: Urbanism
CreativeMornings Moscow
Teenage Engineering
F/W13—14: Bodywarmer
Ksenia Schnaider
Nautilus Pompilius
forget about c<>de
Readymag gives you complete freedom over your creative process — you don’t have to think about any technical aspects. There are no limits and absolutely no coding.
Focus on
your work
The simple drag-and-drop interface will help you to focus on what matters most — your content.
Works in your browser!
Easily create responsive layouts and make your projects look great on tablets and phones.
Watch a Quick Demo
Start with a blank page or choose from
a variety of beautiful templates
Publish your story in seconds.
Discover Templates >
Custom Domain
Stand for your brand. Set a custom domain name for any of your publications or your profile page.
Google Analytics
Get to know your audience better. Track your visitors and see various useful statistics for your projects.
Password Protection
Protect any publication with a password and share it with a specific group of people.
Web Fonts
Choose among 1500+ web fonts from the top providers — Typekit, Webtype and Google.
Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on your projects.
And much more
PDF Export
No matter what you create, you can always download your work in PDF format.
SEO Friendly
Projects are optimized for search engines so everyone can find your content.
Retina Ready
R/m automatically creates a high resolution version of an image for Retina-like displays.
Place an interactive cover of your work on a website or a blog. See an example.
Custom Templates
Create your own templates and use them in existing and new publications.
Amazon Hosting
Save money and time on managing servers. Focus on the content, we do the rest.
What people say
I like Readymag for its thoughtful UI that allows you easily create custom and beautiful mags but more importantly you don't have to think about any technical aspects and purely focus on design and content.
Readymag provided our independent publishing project with an easy to use platform where we could explore and extend our content into new digital editions.
It took us only two days to create and publish our microsite, including mobile version. Great tool!
Anton Repponen
Creative Director at Fi
Tomi Lahdesmaki
Founder of Forage Press
Olya Malysheva
Creator of
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Try Readymag now.
Create unlimited projects for free.
Try Readymag now.
Create unlimited projects for free.
New era.
New publishing.
New tools.
readymag was founded in 2012 starting with the simple idea that everyone can be a publisher. Finding inspiration in the beauty of printing and functionalist design philosophy, we started to rethink digital interfaces to build the most elegant, powerful and easy-to-use online publishing tool.

At Readymag, we’re passionate about thoughtful design and truly believe that better tools empower people to self-express and inspire to create a better content. We are devoted to continue the work of the legendary forefathers of publishing Mr. Gutenberg and Mr. Mergenthaler — by building the printing press of the digital era.
Meet the Team
Olga Dyomkina
Product Analyst
Yasser Ansari
Business Advisor
John Petrov
Marina Suhareva
Andrey Tatarinov
Technical Advisor
Ilya Shuvalov
Sergey Vasilyev
Alexander Pervushin
Kirill Danchenko
Business Development, @
Diana Novichikhina
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Anton Herasymenko
Product & Design, @
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