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Issue N°10 — Fred Troller & Geigy
Anton Repponen
Pavel Golovkin
Wang & Söderström
A. Sidelnikov
Nicolas Paries
max kaplun
Joshua Space
Pavel Kedich
dynamic grid system — issue 1: ornament and crime
Reykjavik Fashion Festival
Peter Behrens
Curate Magazine – Issue 5: Process
Dieter Rams: Ten Principles For Good Design
Flow no.1
Before the Forest, Dreams
Fame - issue 06 - Cosmic Ballet
Wandering Through Copenhagen
Photoarchaeology of Kneiphof
Postcards From Peru
Wandering Through New York By Curate Labs
Norvegia – a mystic journey
South Korea
The Hunt for Peak Speed
Claudio Guglieri : Product Design & Creative Direction
Sila Sveta
esh gruppa
Davide Mariani
Mainly Photography
graziella olak
Six Potatoes
Pedro Reis › Art Director
Adi Dizdarevic
WuHoo! Designer's Toolkit
Natural history
Each Single Moment’s Soul
History Of Olympic Logos
World Chess 2018 Mediakit
F/W13—14: Bodywarmer
Bee infographic
NU:RO Watch
forget about c<>de
Readymag gives you complete freedom over your creative process — you don’t have to think about any technical aspects. There are no limits and absolutely no coding. Okay, we got something for geeks as well.
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What people say
Readymag allows us to quickly execute ideas from concept through to product. The platform constantly adds new features and capabilities, giving us a flexible tool as creatives in an ever-evolving industry.
Readymag takes the traditional two-step workflow of designing and coding and merges it into one. It’s almost like a graphic editor with enhanced capabilities for interactions and web design.
In Readymag you, the designer, are in charge of everything — just focus on the content and get the things done quickly.
Abb-d Choudhury
Co-founder of Curate Labs
Claudio Guglieri
Design director at Microsoft Groove and Movies & TV department
Ales Nesetril
Design team lead at STRV agency
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